Céline Walser and Katerina Tycova fighting for their first PSA World Tour title on Ladies Day of ASC!

Today at 16:30 the final of the Austrian Open takes place between number two seed Katerina Tycova (GER, WRL 111) and number four seed Céline Walser (SUI, WRL 126). It will be their first title on the PSA World Tour and the first female winner of the Austrian Open in the history of the Austrian Squash Challenge.

The prize giving ceremony will be attended by the chief of Salzburg Sport Organisation Andrea Zarfl.

In addition to the final there are special offers for ladies – as it is Ladies Day at the Austrian Squash Challenge. All women can win prizes and join the HIT-Training on the glasscourt today at 15:00 as well as get discount on all available squash equipment..

The final of the Austrian Open can we watched free of charge. Livescoring is available on this website as well as on the PSA World Tour Website.

16:30: [2] Katerina Tycova (GER, WRL 111) – [4] Celine Walser (SUI, WRL 126)