It’s Britain against Czech Republic in the semifinals of the ladies Mozart Open

All the remaining top seeded players of the ladies Mozart Open PSA world ranking tournament in Salzburg made it into the semfinal. All of them even with 3/0 victories. It means they will have the opportunity to play their semifinal matches on the glasscourt at EUROPARK Salzburg shopping mall on Friday evening. It will be Britain against Czech Republic.

The closest match was between second seed Alison Thomson (SCO, WRL 82) and Ambre Allinckx (SUI, WRL 130). The Swiss and former world number 68 Ambre was able to push her opponent in the first two games but lost both of them closely in the tie-break and was not able to turn the match after that.

Topseed Saran Nghiem (ENG, WRL 66) and fourth seed Kiera Marshall (ENG, WRL 89) showed a solid performance and didnt let their opponents get too close to them and won 3/0.

Michaela Cepová (CZE, WRL 205) will be the lowest seeded player (9/16) in the semifinal after winning the all-czech match against Karolína Šrámková (CZE, WRL 161). She proved to be in good shape after already beating third seed Jacqueline Peychär (AUT, WRL 91) yesterday. She completed the 3/0-victories-series of the day.

Here are the full scores of the quarterfinals:

[4] Kiera Marshall (ENG, WRL 89) – Mariam Eissa (ENG, WRL 444) 11/4, 11/0, 11/9 26min
[1] Saran Nghiem (ENG, WRL 66) – [9/16] Kara Lincou (FRA, WRL 218) 11/7, 11/6, 11/4 25min
[2] Alison Thomson (SCO, WRL 82) – [5] Ambre Allinckx (SUI, WRL 130) 12/10, 12/10, 11/3 37min
[9/16] Michaela Cepová (CZE, WRL 205) – [9/16] Karolína Šrámková (CZE, WRL 161) 11/9, 11/7, 11/4 34min

These are the semifinal matches for Friday at EUROPARK Salzburg:

18:30: [2] Alison Thomson (SCO, WRL 82) – [4] Kiera Marshall (ENG, WRL 89)
19:30: [1] Saran Nghiem (ENG, WRL 66) – Michaela Cepová (CZE, WRL 205)

Matches will be streamed live on the Austrian Squash Challenge Facebook page. Livescoring is available on the PSA World Tour Website.

More information can be found on the tournament website