Mozart Open semifinal report

A big crowd at EUROPARK Salzburg shopping mall could watch two great semifinals of the Mozart Open.

The semifinals started with top-seed Torrie Malik (ENG, WRL 85) against fourth seed Alison Thomson (SCO, WRL 92). Malik won the all-british affair 3/0 (11/6, 11/9, 11/8 37min).

However all games were well contested and the rallies were very close. At the end the 18-year old Malik was just too good for her opponent.

Second semifinal was an all-egyptian affair between second seed Malak Khafagy (WRL 80) and Haya Ali (WRL 117) – both also just 18 years of age. Haya Ali – the only unseeded player left in the the draw was able to score another upset and won 3/1 (7/11, 11/5, 11/5, 11/8; 30min).

After losing the first game the underdog came vack strongly and turned the match to her favour.

The final will be played tomorrow – Saturday at 16:30 on the all-glasscourt at EUROPARK Salzburg shopping mall.

It will be Haya Ali’s first ever final appearance in an PSA final, while Torrie Malik has already won three titles in her carreer.

Saturday 16:30:

Torrie Malik (ENG, WRL85) – Haya Ali (EGY, WRL 117)

Livescore will be offered on this website as well as on the PSA World Tour.

Saturday will be Ladies Day at the ASC with many special offers and programmes for women. So come, watch, take part and win prizes!