Kids & School Days finished with more than 500 juniors playing Squash! Men’s Mozart Open start on Wednesday!

The Mozart Open PSA world ranking tournament starts on Wednesday on the all-glasscourt at EUROPARK shopping mall. After the ladies edition last weeks its now time for the men.

Local hero Aqeel Rehman (WRL 138) faces a tough challenge. He meets second seed Yannik Omlor (WRL 87). The Austrian record champion and former national player can count on a big home support to aim for an upset. The match is scheduled for Wednesday 18:30.

Topseed of the Mozart Open is Simon Herbert (ENG, WRL 78).

Austro-Liechtensteiner David Maier received the wildcard for this event and faces eight seed Robert Downer (ENG, WRL 124).

In total there are 16 different nations featured at the ladies and men’s event. Both tournaments are offering an equal prize money of 6.000 USD. The Mozart Open changed its title from last year’s Austrian Open and will be th 19th PSA world ranking tournament in a row in Salzburg and is probably one of the most continuously events on the PSA tour!

During the day the last 5 schools visited the Kids & School Days and enjoyed a free training session with Aqeel Rehman. More than 500 kids have joined this programme over the past two weeks, which makes this austria’s biggest squash grassroots programme.

This is the line-up for Wednesday:

12:00: 1.Runde: [6] Andres Herrera (COL, WRL 110) – Miko Aijanen (FIN, WRL 159)

13:00: 1.Runde: [3] Daniel Poleshchuk (ISR, WRL 99) – Yuri Farneti (ITA, WRL 149)

14:00: 1.Runde: [4] Yannick Wilhelmi (SUI, WRL 100) – Elijah Thomas (NZL, WRL 179)

15:00: 1.Runde: [7] Valentin Rapp (GER, WRL 116) – Jakub Solnicky (CZE, WRL 128)

16:00: 1.Runde: [5] Robin Gadola (SUI, WRL 109) – Nilo Vidal (ESP, WRL 182)

17:00: 1.Runde: [WC] David Maier (LIE, WRL 290) –  [8] Robert Downer (ENG, WRL 126)

17:45: 1.Runde: [1] Simon Herbert (ENG, WRL 78) –Ondrej Vorlicek (CZE, WRL 154)

18:30: 1.Runde: Aqeel Rehman (AUT, WRL 138) – [2] Yannik Omlor (GER, WRL 87)

Livescoring is available on this page as well as on the PSA World Tour website.

Admission is free of charge!