Yannik Omlor is Austrian Open 2021 Champion

Number 3 seed of the tournament Yannik Omlor (GER, WRL 107) won the final of the Austrian Open 2021 at EUROPARK shopping mall against number 6 seed Yannick Wilhelmi (SUI, WRL 127) in a 5 game battle after 67min 11/8, 5/11, 11/8, 4/11, 11/3.

It was expected to be a very close match, both players have beaten each other in previous occasions and it ended up an even-leveled match this time again. The opening game lasted nearly 20 minutes, with long rallies and both players showing great retreiving skills. The guest from the VIP-tournament that took place just before the final were astonished by the accuracy and athleticism.

The german Yannik was able to win this important first game, even though he was not able to keep up the rhythm in the second game. His swiss opponent had a great start and was more active and clinical.

The third game was very similar to the first one. Longer and more even out rallies were going on again. It was obvious, that winning this game can be a crucial moment, so the focus of Yannik and Yannick were spot on.

Again the 24-years old german had the better end in this physical dominated game and again the 20-year old swiss came back impressivly after that again by winning the fourth game clearly.

The decision in the fifth game eventually was a clear one for Yannik Omlor, who earned a comfortable 5/0 lead and never let his opponent back in the match and celebrated his victory in front of his family who came to Salzburg to support.

Both players showed one of the best finals ever played in Salzburg on the glasscourt at EUROPARK and both played a great tournamant and the specators were amazed by their performances.

The champion’s and runner’s up trophy were handed over by vice-mayor of Salzburg Mr.Bernhard Auinger who offered the city’s support in the future again!

We are all very thankful to all our supporters and sponsors and of course our host the EUROPARK shopping mall offering such a great venue. Many thanks also to all volunteers and people that helped organising and running Austrias biggest Squash event!

It was another amazing two weeks of Squash and great advertising for this beautiful game and hopefully there will be many people picking up Squash in the near future! There was great coverage in different media channels, TV, Radio, Newspaper, online etc. There will be a summary coming up soon!

For now we congratulate the players and hope to see you all next year again!